Terms & Conditions

1. The Tour Operator accepts that The Travel Hub documents in the form of faxes, e-mails, vouchers and invoices form the basis of our contract for the reservation. It is imperative that you check them to avoid any misunderstanding. Client must advise The Travel Hub if written confirmation has not been received. 
2. Trade fairs, Conventions and Festivals - When availability is limited due to trade fairs, conventions and festivals, our normal rates are not applicable and higher rates will apply. 
3. Such periods are shown for each city, but hotel availability may be affected also by in-house conferences. However, in other areas, confirmation may take more time and rates may be higher than rack rate (particularly in Germany). 
4. If the traveler wishes to alter his/ her stay directly with the hotel, The Travel Hub should be contacted immediately in order not to be charged rack rate.
5. The Travel Hub reserves the right to amend prices due to currency fluctuations or Governmental action. However, once a booking has been confirmed, the price is guaranteed regardless of any currency fluctuations.
6. In the very unlikely event that the confirmed hotel cannot provide the booked accommodation, the client accepts that it is the hotel’s responsibility to find an alternative hotel of at least similar standard and provide transportation as appropriate to this alternative hotel.  The Travel Hub makes every precaution to ensure hotels are professionally managed so that any such occurrence is exceptionally rare. The Travel Hub shall have no liability in respect of any other costs, losses or damages existing out of or in connection with a relocation of accommodation since such relocation is outside the control of The Travel Hub. 
7. The Travel Hub is not responsible for any accident, loss, detention, annoyance, delay and expense due to quarantine, strikes, any other event of force majeure, failure of any other means of conveyance, to arrive and depart as scheduled, disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, discontinuance or change in transit or hotel services and other causes over which The Travel Hub has no control. 
8. Baggage and all personal belongings are at the owner’s risk. The contract and conditions stated here, in use by the companies in the countries in which the reservations are sold to the general public, shall constitute the contract between those companies and the purchaser /traveler only and shall have no bearing on The Travel Hub unless otherwise agreed.
9. Our rates are strictly private and confidential for use only by the Tour Operator or agency to which they were delivered and should not be disclosed unmarked-up to any person or organization outside the tour operator or agency. These rates can only be sold packaged to other tour operators and travel agents, unless otherwise agreed.
10. Bookings may be made only for bona fide reservations & The Travel Hub reserve the right to cancel all bookings that seem to be made with the intention of holding space.
11. All terms, conditions and documentation accompanying our system & confirmations should be read and applied carefully by the agent staff to avoid breach penalty.
12. All the information (written or pictorial) provided in our system or The Travel Hub web page has copy rights, no information of any sort can be copied from the first party's sites to any other party's site for any purpose whatsoever.
13. The Travel Hub shall not be responsible and will be indemnified by the Tour Operator in case of any losses or a third party claims resulting from lack, wrong or incomplete information or details within the Tour Operator's booking.
14. Commonly required information i.e. arrival time, flight details (if transfers are required), children ages (if any), need of visas (if required), high floors, non-smoking rooms or any special customer request are always essential for client convenience.
15. All information provided on The Travel Hub website is regularly checked and updated as possible, however, The Travel Hub will bear no responsibility or consequences resulting from supplier's incomplete or inaccurate data.
16. The Tour Operator's username and password on our system are confidential and for the strict use of this sole agent, in case subagents or subsidiaries are to use the online system via the Tour Operator's sign, this has to be with written agreement between both parties. It is also the Tour Operator's responsibility to set the agreement with its subagents or subsidiaries concerning its markup margin on our given rates.
17. Required visas or invitation letters invoices has to be paid in full regardless even if booking is cancelled regardless of the reason for cancellation.
18. Each booking must have at least one full guest name per room and the passenger entered first, will automatically be assigned as lead name. The lead name will appear on all correspondence. (e.g. Vouchers, Confirmations, Invoices, Itineraries, etc.). The lead name cannot be modified after booking the service.
19. Reservations are accepted for a maximum of 9 people only. Reservations for 10 passengers or more are considered to be a group and cannot be booked online.
20. Shortening a stay or reducing the number of rooms is allowed without penalty i.e. before cancellation deadline. Original confirmed rate will be maintained, unless otherwise specified.
21. An extension of stay is allowed, if provided rooms are available for the period requested. Previously confirmed rates will be maintained for the initial booking, while the current available rate will be applied for any additional night(s)
For destinations USA and Canada:
Guest names:
For US bookings all the full names, including first names of all the guests must be provided at the time of booking and need to conform exactly the guest’s name on the passport or any other identification required for check- in. The name of all guests checking in to the hotel must match those on the reservation, or the hotel will consider the reservation a "no-show" subject to penalty which The Travel Hub will pass on to the guest. The guest will be charged directly on spot by the hotel at the public rate. For US bookings a name change of any guest will be considered a cancellation of the existing reservation and applicable penalties will apply. The new reservation will be subject to space and rate availability at that time.
Reservation requests shall be treated as offers to enter into formal legally binding contracts which shall be deemed to have been accepted by us only when The Travel Hub have transmitted to you our confirmation of the reservations. All contracts with us are subject to these terms and conditions. Booking land arrangements with us is an acknowledgement of acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein.
It is the sole responsibility of the Tour Operator to provide its clients with the necessary travel insurance, otherwise a written adoption signed by the client stating that he is traveling under his own responsibility should be attached to the issued voucher. The Travel Hub will not be held responsible for personal illness, injury, loss or damage of private belongings, resulting directly or indirectly from any supplier actions.
Reservations can be made by fax, e-mail, or on our website at www.thetravelhub.org Only when the booking status is showing “confirmed” the booking is finalized.  All rates are net, non-commissionable, per room, per night and inclusive of all applicable local taxes. Additional city taxes may apply during check out.
All dates are in format dd/mm/yy.
The Travel Hub will be pleased to handle any reservations for hotels not listed in this site.  Rates for hotels not listed in our tariff (non-contracted Hotels) may exceed prevailing rack rates due to service charges levied to cover expenses incurred. The Travel Hub are unable to process any refund requests for cases where the rate exceed the rack rate or where client cancelled directly.  The booking system shall not be used to book more than 4 rooms and/or 09 passengers. Multiple bookings for the same party at the same hotel are not accepted. Hotels will either cancel such reservations or charge higher room rates and porteragge, when this rule is violated.
Confirmations of accommodation or services showing "Available" are obtained automatically and instantaneously stating the booking reference & cancellation deadline to be monitored by the Tour Operator itself.
For required accommodation or services showing "On Request" The Travel Hub will respond within 48 hours either with confirmation or with an alternative item in case the original request is unavailable.
All vouchers will be with the Agency’s name or logo. 
Issuance of a voucher means acceptance of all above mentioned terms and conditions.  It is the sole responsibility of the Tour Operator to issue vouchers needed for each accommodation or service booking. Issued vouchers should indicate that booking is payable by our online booking system (or the supplier advised within our confirmation) and including us or the other supplier electronic booking reference. The voucher also should indicate that extras are to be paid to the hotel directly by the client (unless otherwise is agreed in writing.)
Failing to present the above required vouchers will result in your customers being charged again for the booked accommodation or services at the supplier's rack rates.
Non Arrivals:
If The Travel Hub invoices a non-arrival but the hotel later confirms the client did stay The Travel Hub will raise a supplementary invoice which must be paid.
Other clauses concerning non-arrival can be found in the following section on Cancellations and in the Operating Procedures document.
Amendment of services:
Amendments made prior to travel date should be sent to us by email and are only considered received upon our response.
Amendments made on or after travel date incurring any extra monies and not instructed in writing by the Tour Operator, will be collected directly from the customer and will include no commissions for the Tour Operator.
Double rooms may contain only one bed. Passengers requiring separate beds should specifically request this at the time of booking. Separate beds will then be placed “on request”, but cannot be guaranteed. Triple and quad rooms usually contain two beds, one of which may be a roll away. The occupancy of a room is defined by the number of paying adults and not by the actual bedding. Rollaway beds are usually available at an extra charge, payable directly to the hotel and cannot be guaranteed. Neither The Travel Hub nor the hotel will guarantee one bed per person in doubles, triples and quads.
Family Plan: The policy varies from hotel to hotel and is clearly indicated for each hotel. “NA” means a Family Plan is not available at that particular property. When a hotel supports a Family Plan, it means that one or two children up to and including the age indicated may be free of charge if sharing the room in existing bed configuration with two full paying adults. Booking requests should clearly indicate the ages of all children so that the Family Plan can apply.
Special requests:
Need to be clearly indicated at the time of booking. The Travel Hub will forward such requests to the hotel, but neither The Travel Hub nor the hotel can guarantee a request unless specifically confirmed in writing. Note: many hotels enforce a strict Non Smoking policy, which invalidates any request for a smoking room.
Room Blocks:
The Travel Hub is holding room blocks at most of the hotels. Rooming lists are electronically released to these suppliers prior to arrival (approx. one week or less). Should you or the passenger contact hotels directly for a reconfirmation prior to the release of the electronic rooming lists, your passenger’s name might not be on record yet.
Local Services:
Can be provided in conjunction with a hotel reservation only. Prices do not include tips (gratuities) to drivers and guides, unless otherwise specified.
Check-In Time:
Varies from hotel to hotel but usually is not before 3 PM. Requests for an early check-in can be submitted but will not be confirmed and depend on the availability on the day of arrival.
Any modification, such as but not limited to shortening a stay, reducing the number of rooms and name changes are on request and might not always be possible. The initial booking might no longer be guaranteed and current available rates might apply for the whole stay.
Black-out and stop-sell periods can be added at any time, when hotels are in critical occupancy status. Only existing reservations will be honored and no new bookings accepted. Modifications such as name, date or length of stay changes may not be permitted and will be considered by the hotel as an automatic cancellation.
All prices are in USD or other currencies. 
Fair or Exhibition and Special Events prices could be higher than the rack rates. 
All rates are per night and include VAT and hotel service charges. 
Additional City taxes should be paid directly by the customer in hotel in some destinations like most of Europe, Dubai and other countries.
All prices are quoted on BB basis unless otherwise stated in the booking. 
For groups The Travel Hub can offer you competitive prices, quotes for groups can be provided offline through e-mail or fax. 
All prices are subject to change without previous notice due to changes in hotel tariffs, government taxes, etc. 
Invoicing & Payment:
Once booking is confirmed, an electronic invoice will be automatically generated where the agent can print it at its convenience.
Once an invoice is generated, it will be due unless credit arrangements are agreed.
-All reservations are subject to pre-payment in full prior to the client's arrival date unless other credit terms have been established and approved by The Travel Hub.
-For bookings regarding groups payment conditions will be informed. 
-For bookings during Special Events pre-payment of the total amount is required.
-For reservations which is due by the date shown on our invoice and always prior to the customer’s arrival in the first city. Regardless of whether vouchers have been issued or not, The Travel Hub reserve the right to cancel any bookings made if payment has not been received, or if payment is still outstanding for any previous unrelated reservations
-The outstanding amount due to us will include the value of all unpaid amounts whether utilized or unutilized confirmed bookings minus received payments (for agents on our credit list). At any point of time these outstanding amounts should not by any means exceed the credit limit with 30 days grace period granted to agents on our credit list.
-It is the sole responsibility of the Tour Operator to ensure that grace period (for agents on our credit list) is not breached; otherwise, The Travel Hub reserve the right to suspend the agent's login & cancel any confirmed accommodation or services.
-Delay in settling due amount will result in a surcharge equivalent to 1% of the total invoiced amount (per day)
-Failing to settle invoices on due time will result in cancelling this agreement, cancelling all bookings held in favor of the agent and suspending its login details on the online system.
-It is the sole responsibility of the agent to bear all banking fees.
-Payment is due within the number of days specified in the Credit Agreement (see Section 14) after the date of issue of our invoice and must be made in the quoted currency by banker’s draft or bank transfer to one of the corresponding accounts as follows. Company cheques and credit cards are not an acceptable form of payment.
-The Travel Hub may, from time to time, raise invoices in a currency other than that shown in our tariff should it become impossible for us to obtain payment within 28 days of the banking of the draft or receipt of a transfer. Such invoices must be settled in the invoice currency and not the tariff currency.
All wire transfers for EUR currency should be sent to:
BANK NAME: Bank of Cyprus Public company LTD
BANK ADDRESS: Diagorou 4 A, Nicosia 1097, Cyprus
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 357029328310
ACCOUNT NAME: TTH Travel Limited
If payment is not received upon the due date in accordance with these conditions, The Travel Hub reserves the right to:-
Disconnect access to any of our electronic systems.
Cease making reservations sent to us.
Terminate with immediate effect any or all contracts with Tour Operator at our discretion Demand prepayment for existing bookings as a condition of their not being cancelled Cancel any space being held on your behalf.
If the Tour Operator ceases, or threatens to cease, to carry on business or if it makes a voluntary arrangement with its creditors, become bankrupt, go into liquidation or if any encumbrance takes possession, or a receiver is appointed, of any of its property or assets the first party will be entitled without prejudice to any other remedies open to us, immediately to cancel any contracts between us and to demand the immediate payment of all sums due to us with interest.
Payment by Credit Card Requirements:
Operators on our cash list if paying by credit card, according to our bank regulations, the following documents are required to enable our accountant to charge your credit card for the service agreed:
-A copy of your passport.
-A copy of both sides of your credit card with your own signature.
-An authorization letter to us allowing the withdrawal of the required amount from your credit card with original signature (same one should appear in your credit card and passport).
These documents should be given to our representative upon your arrival at the airport; otherwise The Travel Hub won't be able to proceed with your request.
These documents would be kept for four months to be provided upon request from the bank.
The majority of the hotels, internationally, have established a policy to request the clients’ credit cards as a guarantee for the payment of their EXTRAS. You are kindly requested to inform your clients that they should be very careful and check the bills before signing them and not to accept, under any circumstances, charges for prepaid services described on their vouchers. 
Cancellation deadline is indicated in our system and the booking confirmation sheet. 
For all cancelled bookings received on time there is no charge. 
For all cancelled bookings received after the mentioned deadline, a cancellation fee will result. This might be up to 100% of the total amount depending on the hotel’s policy.
In case of a cancellation during special events a 100% penalty on the total amount will apply.
Once a reservation is confirmed all cancellation penalties apply. 
Cancellations notified directly to the hotel will not be effective. 
Hotels reserve the right to impose a service charge for early check out. All charges will be paid on the spot.
Any claims for refunds must be submitted to The Travel Hub in writing within 15 days of completion of travel.
Documented evidence to sustain a claim must be forwarded to The Travel Hub along with your refund request. 
The Travel Hub will not accept any refund request if a client cancelled a hotel/service directly and failed to obtain the following information: 
(1) Voucher duly marked stating refund acceptance by hotel or service provider.
(2) Check out bill
Cancellation And Refund Policy for Credit Card payments:
The Travel Hub would cancel upon the bank request any fraudulent transaction.
The refund must be done in the same card used for the purchase of the original transaction.
Invoice Disputes and Refunds:
Invoice disputes and queries should be made in writing within 14 days of the invoice been electronically generated otherwise dispute will not be entertained by the first party.
Customers early check outs are disregarded (invoiced as per original booking) unless The Travel Hub receive a written notification from the agent at least one day prior customer departure.
Refunds for early check outs will only be made if the hotel policy allows it or if the customer got a written & signed (at least by front office shift leader) consent from the hotel.
If a client leaves a hotel early you will be invoiced in full unless The Travel Hub are advised prior to raising our invoice. If The Travel Hub are so advised The Travel Hub will check with the hotel and invoice according to the hotel's invoice to us. Some hotels, particularly in USA/Canada, will charge for all nights booked even if the client departs early.
The Travel Hub will not accept as a reason for not paying an invoice that your client claimed to have seen a rate inside or outside the hotel, which is lower than the price in our tariff.
Any complaint about the booking service must be notified to The Travel Hub in writing or by email as soon as possible. Any complaint regarding the travel arrangements must be brought to the attention of the local supplier’s as early as possible during the stay of the passenger and a copy should be given to The Travel Hub. 
The Travel Hub is not responsible, nor liable, for any damage, loss or injury caused to any passenger by any of The Travel Hub suppliers. Any additional expenses incurred by the passenger(s) as a result of overbooking of any of The Travel Hub supplier are the sole responsibility of the passenger(s). Nevertheless, The Travel Hub will do its utmost to re-protect the clients. 
The Travel Hub does not operate, nor own or control any means of transportation. Therefore, The Travel Hub cannot assume any liability in case of injury, loss, damage, delay or accident.
The Travel Hub act only as an intermediary in making arrangements for hotels, transportation or any other services. As such The Travel Hub are not liable for personal injury, illness, property damage or other loss of expense of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of any actions of hotels, transportation company or other company or person providing or rendering services reserved through us.
The Travel Hub reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. 
Continued use of this website following any such changes shall constitute the user’s acceptance of such changes.
The information contained within this Internet site, regarding tariff and other matter concerning the business practices and pricing policies of The Travel Hub, is confidential and extended to clients only. 
You are kindly requested to read carefully the following terms and conditions.
Any problems that may occur during the passenger’s stay must be reported immediately to The Travel Hub, in order for us to try our best and fix, where possible, the problem. 
All claims must be reported during the passenger’s stay to the person in charge, in writing and in every possible detail, a copy of which should be given to The Travel Hub the soonest. All claims will be carefully examined and answered within a reasonable period of time.
Our office is open:
From Sunday to Friday from 09:00 till 17:30 (GMT +2)
Emergency phone Numbers: +0201000724275 and +201277225990
Email: info@thetravelhub.org
Contract Termination and Jurisdiction:
Contract can be terminated by either party sending a written one month notice to the other party.
All contracts between us will be governed by the Cypriot law. On receipt of your reservation request The Travel Hub shall imply your consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Cypriot Courts in all matters regarding each contract except to the extent that The Travel Hub invoke the jurisdiction of the courts of any other country.
In case of disputes or misunderstanding within the above agreement period, negotiations should be considered by both parties, failing to do so, arbitration will be under the Cypriot law and courts in all its degrees.